Adaptation and interior design

Work concerning adaptation and interior design is a sweet torment for both individuals and a whole family. It takes time, knowledge and wisely invested money in the future environment that will make you feel happy and pleased. The space in which you will live or work should inspire and relax you as well as it should be warm and functional in order to make you feel perfect.

In order to save time, money and energy, which would lead you to the right solution for your flat, house or working space, we offer You a complete service of our team of experts. Our architects, civil engineers and handymen with proven knowledge and experience shall offer you design solution, main project creation, 3D project presentation and the execution of work at highest standards.

If you are interested in letting the professional "Advantage Real Estate" team take care of a job regarding adaptation and interior design, we offer you the following services:

• Designing (preliminary and detailed design including subject draft and estimation of all the necessary work, interior design, bathroom and kitchen design…);
• Works of dismantlement and demolition (walls, door, windows, making embrasures, dismantlement of light barriers…);
• Brick, concrete, reinforced concrete works (brick and concrete walls, beams, barriers…);
• Insulation works (hydro isolation, thermal and acoustic insulation);
• Locksmithing and carpentry (production of aluminium and pvc windows and door, safety door, balcony with glass windows…);
• Glaziers (glass shower cabins and items…);
• Ceramicists;
• Parquetry;
• Various floor coverings;
• Wallpapers;
• Plasterwork (plaster card board dropped ceilings and barrier walls, decorative plaster…);
• Painting works (lining, preparing and painting walls and ceilings);
• Various handicraft (fence, barrier, ornaments, decorations…);
• Electroinstallation (high and low voltage current installation, lighting…);
• Machine installation (heating installation, ventilation and air-conditioning);
• Waterworks and sewage installation;
• Different final works (final space cleaning).

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